We remind you that the Decree Law of September 13, 2012 n. 158 (s.c. “Balduzzi Decree”) containing provisions regarding games was converted into law (Law 8 November 2012 No. 189) and was published in the Official Gazette of November 10, 2012 General Series n. 263. Make the game a pleasure: do not lose control.

To make sure that the game is always a pleasure, follow some basic rules:

  • Always give yourself gaming limits and do not exceed them!
  • Do not play money that you can not afford to lose!
  • Do not play to make up when you lose!
  • NEVER ask for money on loan to play!
  • Consider that the money spent on the game is the price you pay for your enjoyment!
  • Ask for help if you think you’re spending too much or are playing too frequently!


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